Exhibition subjects


Systems, equipment

  • Informatization of rail transport
  • Traffic control systems
  • Fleet control technologies
  • Transport automatics, signaling and communication systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Data storage and video surveillance
  • Transport security and fire-extinguishing systems
  • Climate control and engineering systems
  • Information systems for passengers
  • Passenger floor control and payment collection systems
  • State of health of drivers diagnostic
  • Train to ground broadband wireless communication
  • The application of LTE and DAS
  • Wi-Fi on trains and in-vehicle infotainment, mobile Internet
  • Energy supply and saving systems and technologies
  • Environment protection electronics
  • Computers for on-board and embedded systems
  • Measurement, testing and diagnostic tools
  • Automation, telemechanics

Electronic and electrical components and modules:

  • Sensors
  • Cases, racks, cabinets
  • Memory cards
  • Signal conversion modules
  • Cables, connectors, terminal blocks
  • Displays, monitors, indicators
  • Keyboards, pointing devices, front panels
  • Power supply
  • Semiconductor devices, microelectronics
  • Light and sound devices
  • Electric drives, storage battery, generators
  • Wireless communication devices
  • Contract design and manufacturing of electronics for mission critical applications