Business program


2020 conference agenda is under construction. In 2019 the following seminars and conferences was held:

Conference for heads of transport enterprises, IT of directors: "Practical features of introduction of navigation and information technologies at modern transport enterprise" (the Organizer - "Professional Conferences")
Conference for developers of systems, devices and complexes for transport branch: "Electronic components and modules for transport instrument making"
Conference for representatives of departments of transport, the suburban railway companies, subways, operators of land public transport, and also stations, autostations and TPU "Promotional and Informational Providing a Passenger Transport Complex"
Conference for municipal administrations, operators of public transport, operators of payment systems: "Modern technologies of payment of journey and accounting of a passenger traffic"
Seminar for scheduling and traffic control services: "Development of systems of ALS-ARS and ASDU on the subway and GET"
  • Electronic components and modules for transport electronics (annual conference for designers and manufacturers of systems, devices and units for transport industry organized by Modern Electronics magazine)
  • Transport and passenger flour management, rout network planning
  • Payment collection, revenue management
  • New generation of information systems for passengers
  • Control and diagnostic devices for transport sector